Welcome to Kingsway Online!

Kingsway Online is the perfect way to use your English regularly and benefit from the expertise of Kingsway’s experienced and well-qualified teachers.

All our sessions are 1:1 so you can focus on exactly what you want and go at your own pace. Once you have started, we will schedule you with the same teacher (wherever possible) to give you continuity and the chance to get to know each other.

Our online sessions are normally delivered by Skype and are suitable for:

  • Learners who are preparing for a visit to Kingsway English Centre in Worcester
  • Learners who have been to Kingsway and want to continue practising their English
  • Learners who just want regular sessions with a friendly, native English-speaking teacher

If you would like to learn more about online English training with us please
look through the pages here or email us at info@kingsway-english.com

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